Prime Minister Dr. Abby Ahmed will receive his Nobel Peace Prize on Tuesday

Prime Minister Major Ahmed will not be participating in programs where journalists meet and ask questions next week when they receive the Nobel Prize. Nobel Peace Laureates have issued a press release on the eve of the award, but Reuters have told the Norwegian Peace Committee that they have no plans to do so. According to the report, the major group refused to accept requests from journalists after meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Irna Solberg. “We wanted to meet with journalists during their stay in Oslo,” said Olav Niota, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Center, who was disappointed by the Prime Minister’s decision. Neosta said the rewards committee has made clear his position to the Prime Minister in this regard. In the Prime Minister’s Office, Press Secretary Bill Belleny Seyoum said it is important to distinguish between the number of programs and their major responsibilities in Ethiopia. “It’s difficult to set many days, especially when domestic issues are strong and demanding,” he said. “The Prime Minister will conclude with consultations with the Nobel laureate that the agreed upon and prioritized programs will be concluded,” Billelne said. But Olav Neyosta said: “Freedom of expression, free and independent press are key elements of peace.” Ten years ago, former President of the United States, Barack Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, refused to accept requests from journalists, such as Prime Minister Ahmed. During his stay in Oslo, the chief met with Prime Minister Irna Solberg and King Gerald Fifth, and toured the country’s parliament. Nobel Prize winner Abe will be speaking at the Oslo City Hall on Tuesday, in the presence of officials and the Norwegian royal family in their efforts to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea. They will receive nine million kronor ($ 945,000) a day, a gold medal and a diploma.

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