Gondar University: 700 years as a bride

Debresi and Zion Mariam Unity Monastery Debresi and Zion Mary Unity Monastery is located on the shores of Lake Gorgora and was founded in 1312 AD during the reign of Emperor Emperor Zion. Different arrangements have been made to commemorate the 700th anniversary of this monastery. The President of Gondar University, Research and Community Service Vice President, has conducted a tour program with various partners and the local community, opening monasteries and artifacts in Gorgora and surrounding areas to present their current situation. The celebration of the 700th Anniversary of Debrecen and Zionist Unity Gidam has been celebrated with the festival organizer. On November 19, 2012, monasteries and monuments in and around Gorgora visited the monastery of Galileo, the church of Abyssinia of Mariam, the palace of Emperor Sustinios, and several media outlets to document the celebration. It is said that the visit was intended to enable the monasteries and artifacts to be open to the media, to present and inform the world and to present their problems to all concerned. On November 20, 2012, a symposium was held at Debre Sina and Zion Mariam Unity Monastery Symposium. On the day of the event, Dr. Asrat Assefaw, President of Gondar University, Professor Merasha Chenne, Vice President of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of the Amhara Regional State, said: Kidane Mariam, West Derby District Administrator, Abeba Baehh, Central Gondar Tourism Department Head, and Annie Ayeye, head of tourism development from federal institutions, religious leaders, representatives of local residents and others Detected bodies found. Abebebe Bayeh, administrator of the West Derby district at the symposium gave a welcome speech. He noted that Ethiopia is home to a number of ancient monuments, historical, natural and man-made artifacts, and in the district of Lake Tana, where there are several monasteries and the palace of Emperor Susinius. Among those monasteries are those who have contributed to the celebration of the festival. In particular, Gondar honors the Office of the President of the Office of Research and Community Services in collaboration with the government and the people of the woreda to promote the development of tourism, promote tourism, ensure the benefit of women and youth, and enhance the capacity of the woreda. Speaking on the occasion, President of the Gondar University, Dr. Asrat Assew Wine, said the university is one of the many community service works that the university is working to preserve and promote historical and tourist destinations and heritage in Ethiopia, particularly in the Amhara region. Dr. Asrat will affirm that the university will continue to study, protect and make it accessible to all of the historical and ancient sites that have contributed to our country. Finally, honor and praise be to our ancestors who made a great story and left a legacy. Head of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Amhara Regional State, Professor Meksa Chenne, President of Research and Community Services, presented the audience in detail about the contribution that Gondar University has made in promoting tourism, community service and technology transfer. Discussion articles were presented at the symposium, discussion paper on Tourism and the Challenges of Tourism and the Growth of Tourism, by Assistant Professor of Education at the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Heritage of Heritage and Heritage of Heritage. Based on the material presented, a number of questions and comments were received from religious leaders, locals, and participants, and the program was completed and presented by Dr. Asrat Assema, by Mr. Meaneu Abela, and detailed plans for the future were completed.

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