asmelash Wolde Member of the Tigray People’s Affair Committe

Ato Asmelo Woldelassie, a member of the Executive Committee of the TPLF and EPRDF, was appointed as Advisor to the EPRDF office, sources told The Reporter. Ato Asmaz is also a member of the House of Representatives of the House of Peoples ‘Representatives and has been the Minister of State for the House of Peoples’ Representatives since the establishment of the EPRDF Executive Committee. According to sources close to the incident, Ato Asmelad was assigned to serve as Adviser to the EPRDF Office after a recent

EPRDF Executive Committee meeting. Ato Asmasa has been tasked with being the Minister of State for the past several years, but he has not been in charge for more than four months. Sources reported that the prime minister’s office sent a letter to the parliament a few weeks ago, saying Ato Asmelash, who served as State Minister of Foreign Affairs, was resigned. He added that Opposition member Opposition member Opposition member who previously served as a Government Assistant to the Ombudsman was appointed to act as a representative of the government. When Ato Asmelaw was transferred to the office of the parliament that had been used by the government in charge of the accountability of the government, he was arrested by the EPRDF office in front of the Parliament building.